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Polished Concrete

Polishing Concrete is the fastest growing floor medium in the world. Turn a dull concrete floor, into a beautiful high quality, glossy, high performance, low maintenance floor . This is achieved by a means of a mechanical process using a number of diamond abrasive stages with a number of finishes available from “Matt”, “Saturn” and “Full Gloss” or anything in between.

Whether you require an “exposed aggregate”  or simply a smooth polished finish, the result is a beautiful, durable and hardwearing surface which eliminates the need for expensive re-coatings .

  • Comercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Domestic

While careful attention should be shown for all aspects of new concrete that is being placed to ensure your desired finish, even an old floor can be transformed. We offer various innovative methods to strengthen, repair, fill or even replace your exisiting concrete.

Surface Preparation & Repairs

If Polished Concrete isn’t an option, an integral part of any floor coating or covering is the surface preperation. Without the proper “surface prep,” you will certainly not get the expected life or durability from your desired floor finish; whether it’s epoxy, carpet, vinyl, wood, or tiles.

  • Glue Removal
  • Epoxy/ Paint Removal
  • Bitumen Removal
  • Smoothening a Rough Concrete Surface
  • Removing Silicates or Curing Compounds

We are able to assist with almost any requirement that you may have, no matter what the application.

surface prep
concrete overlay

Concrete Overlays

Concrete generally requires a minimum compressive strength of 30MPa to achieve satisfactory results when polishing. Where existing slabs don’t meet this requirement, we are able to offer Concrete Overlays. These are modified concrete products that can provide a suitable solution in various instances to “cover” damaged concrete, provide a “seamless” floor finish, while not compromising on strength or durability, or even achieving a full polished concrete finish.

The applications are endless and allow us to offer clients the aesthetic appeal of polished concrete in circumstances where it isn’t always possible.

Whether in commercial, industrial, retail, or domestic these products provide a fast turn-around times to minimise “down-time” on any project.
Each application may require a slightly different product, but a solution can be found for any requirement.

Concrete Installations

Whether a new build or an existing surface that cannot facilitate the finish desired, we offer a specialised service to achieve your desired finish.

  • Assistance with mix-design for polished floors
  • Placing and Power Floating
  • Saw Cuts
  • Reaming and Sealing of Expansion Joints
  • Sealing Power Floated Concrete

This provides clients with  various choices of finishes, from the aggregate used in the concrete mix-design, the pigment of the concrete, right down to the colour of the final joint sealant.

concrete installations

Marble, Travetine, Terrazzo.

One may often note that Marble, Travetine, Granite and many other forms of natural stone , as well as Terrazzo appear dull, scratched and ultimately “lifeless.”

We offer various solutions that will remove scratches, lippage and restore your stone to better than new. Not only will we seal against staining, but we also strengthen the stone.

  • Grind
  • Remove Lippage
  • Hone
  • Polish
  • Clean
  • Seal

Concrete Counter Tops

Purpose made to your required specifications in various shapes and sizes.

Concrete Counter002