Kimar Polished Concrete | Advantages
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Advantages of a Polished Concrete

Why it is one of the fastest gowing floor mediums internationally

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  • No need to “re-apply” as with standard paint and adhesives. All budgets for waxing and stripping can be eliminated and used to improve other areas.
  • It’s “Green” as you are using your existing concrete surface and not bringing extra material to site that will later need to be disposed of. It incorporates products with low environmental impact, and there is no need for reapplications of topical coatings to maintain a desired finish or to prevent concrete from wear.
  • This offers a sustainable flooring solution that will last a lifetime. Surface coatings have been eliminated, avoiding flaking, peeling or delaminating often associated with other surface coatings. 
  • HACCP Compliant ,the hard, glossy surface of polished concrete is easy to clean and therefore ideal for areas with high hygiene requirements.
  • Increased floor hardness by more than 25% ,abrasion resistance, despite its glossy appearance,
  • High co-efficient of friction (anti-slip), and will conform to a variety of slip resistance classifications.
  • Concrete will never dust. Where untreated concrete will consistently release dust particles onto the service.
  • Reduced floor maintenance; clients are reportedlya  savings of 75% on chemical costsreducing environmental impact and 50% on labor costs, by allowing cleaners to concentrate on other areas. The wear on cleaning equipment is also reduced due to the smoothness of the surface.
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance; wear and tear on Forklift’s is reduced as all concrete joints are levelled and any “curling” that may have taken place during curing is eliminated. This means there is less consistent damage to tyre’s over time.
  • Increased ambient lighting, due to increased light reflection from the glossy surface.
  • Cost Effective; in terms of the benefits polished concrete offers, there are very few alternatives that are able to complete.